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                                        Your children are very important to our Church and for that reason Happy Hearts has been designed to bring His word to children at the earliest age possible. Our Happy Hearts program is geared towards infants, toddlers, and children through to the age of twelve. Children alive with Jesus can make a difference too!                                

"Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom

      of heaven belongs to them. I will pour out my spirit on them and they will prophesy

and all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved."

                                                                                                                - Matthew 19:14, Joel 2:28

Learning from Bible has never been so much fun!!. We at Bethel, plant the seed of the Word of God in our young ones right from their growing years. Sunday School provides the right platform for kids to come and learn more about Jesus. They are guided to build up a personal relationship with Him.


It is a place where their talents and energy is channelized in the right way for the Glory of God. Games, Activities, Group Discussions. Kids look forward each Sunday for new exciting games, group discussions and fun filled gospel songs. Ministers at the Sunday School put the best of efforts to make each class attractive and come up with new student friendly techniques to make lessons more interesting.Teachers are ever ready to counsel and share a very friendly bond with the kids.


Have non stop fun, food, music, dance, camps and adventures!

Create a welcoming atmosphere of transparency, outrageous love, total acceptance, freedom (to be oneself & pursue one’s passions) & trust.

Exhort and challenge one another to live out the faith and fight the good fight.

Encourage one another by sharing testimonies and experiences

Youth Ministries

  • As youngsters we live a life walking towards finding a Godly balance to deal with life the God way and have fun in the process.....

  • 'YA!ROFL type of fun.

  • We believe in Walking in step with the Holy Spirit – listening and obeying.

  • Training and disciplining ourselves through the fires of fasting, chewing on the Word of God and intercession.

  • Responding to life’s challenges with an uncompromising value system.

  • Our lifestyle speaks of one interwoven with the Love and freedom in Christ we have so freely received,wheresinging,dancing,and just hanging out is filled with peace and deep joy.

  • Excelling… leaving no potential unfulfilled.

  • Influencing our circles of influence for the glory of Yah-weh!

  • Making disciples of those young people looking for love, joy, peace,acceptance and a true-friend to encourage one another.

  • Transforming cultures and mindsets around us.

  • Contending for revival and our promised inheritance – nations! YA! .....The Nations!

Men’s Fellowship


         Our goal is making all men in our church to follow the examples of Lord Jesus Christ. We lead them to grow and strengthen in the spirit through God’s Word, fellowship, encouragement and support. We are directing them to fulfill the calling and purpose of their life.

         Our church is blessed with men’s department. We gather every Thursday 8.30 PM – 10.00 PM. Together we pray for personal needs, families, church ministries, city, political leaders, and social issues.

We equip them,  

  • To become better husband, father and men.

  • Finding and maintaining balance for their life.

  • Achieving their potential.

  • Developing their faith.

  • Build Healthy relationships with other men for support, discipleship, and mentorship.

  • Find practical solutions to difficult issues in their daily lives.

  • Recognize their gifts and abilities to further God’s Kingdom.

  • Understand biblical truths and learn how to apply them in their lives.

  • Utilize biblical principles to change and lead their families.

Women's Ministries


              Women Ministries is a weekly interactive session held every Tuesday from 8a.m- 10a.m. We warmly welcome all the ladies to get enriched in the Word. It is a time of encouragement and discovering the importance of being a woman. We enable the ladies to get positively equipped in facing day-to-day challenges and moving towards transformation. We are a family that seek to strengthen each other. Amidst the fellowships we have birthday and anniversary celebrations. Discussions about certain key areas and roles such as marriage, family, professional life is conducted. We also believe in maintaining confidentiality of anything discussed within the four walls.

All the ladies ‘You Are Invited to Get Nourished’.

Care Cell Ministries


  • Our Church is a cell based church, we believe the care cells are the life of the church and without care cells we know we cannot reach our community & win the lost for Christ.

  • We have nearly 10 Care Cells functioning very effectively under our committed cell leaders. These `0 Care Cells are divided into 4 Sections and the Sectional leaders oversee these cells.

  • Every cell has one cell leader, assistant leader and few spiritual parents. Our care cell function on weekdays in different parts of our  City. The main purpose of our cell is Evangelism, Nurturing and Discipleship. We uphold every member in prayer. Through these cells many leaders are being raised.

Music ministry

  • Our Music ministry is about expressing our love and praise for God and sharing the gospel through this media. We are blessed to have a group of talented musicians and singers.

  • This group meets every Saturday evening 5 pm for practice.

Village Ministry

"Reaching the unreached" spread love and gospel to the unreached peoples of villages / outskirt. Every 3rd Sunday our believers gather and travel to outskirts of the city and distribute tracks and preach gospel. we do display some useful movies to attract kids

and adults. which helps them to understand the life.

If you like to be a part of any of the above ministries, please contact us

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